''Our mission is to offer high quality products and services at competitive prices and to provide the best insurance value for our consumers''.

The Company

The company is dedicated to the insurance industry since 1995 and works very closely with serious and reputable insurance firms. Dedicated to the highest standards of service and professionalism, we offer innovative products to our clients and we have gained the confidence and respect of the public with our financial strength and credibility.

Orthodoxou Insurance is a member of Orthodoxou Group of Companies and a fully licensed company by the Cyprus Register of Insurance Companies. Through our 7 branches across Cyprus , we stand next to our clients offering personal service.

Offering an extensive range of modern insurance products, especially designed to meet the needs and requirements of individuals and enterprises, we provide maximum protection to our clients.

Our trusted name, the personal service and competitive rates have ensured the company a large share of the market place. Furthermore, our continued expansion has seen our portfolio increase by 20%  every year over the last five years and that looks set to continue, with customers trusting the our brand reputation.

For more information call us at 24 841 132 or via e-mai at slakotripi@orthodoxou.com.cy

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